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banjoandkazooie replied to your post: Whu… whut have you done with Jiggywiggy?!

“{You’re a terrible liar.}”

Ah you must be the bird that Master Jiggywiggy mentioned earlier. 

You don’t look much like ‘chosen one’ material to me.

Anonymous sent: Gosh, can you please show yourself and tell me your name?!?!?!?!? :D

And what reason have I to do so when you have sent this request anonymously? 

banjoandkazooie sent: Whu... whut have you done with Jiggywiggy?!

Master Jiggywiggy and my own disciple are currently in talks. Rest assured, he is in good condition despite the nasty blow he took to the head earlier.

Anonymous sent: Hey!!! i'm glad you're back!! just a question: Jiggywiggy, do you have a brother? because if so, he's creepy

Master Jiggywiggy is currently incapable of answering your queries.

Anonymous sent: You guys should go to a beach (Jolly Rogers, for example) and relax ;D

I’m afraid we are far too busy for such an exploit.

Anonymous sent: I really like you guys!!! Jiggywiggy you are a very misterious person and you Disciple are SO CUTE!!!!

Thank you, anonymous one. We appreciate your kindness.

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mighty-minion sent: Klungo curiousss, doesss disssiple'sss body look the ssssame as Massster Jiggywiggy?

Heh, well actually… I’m not too sure what my master’s body looks like, I mean, I’ve never actually seen him… um… without his robes.

I don’t think either of us are that - er - muscular. I’m a bit shorter than him, and his skin is lighter than mine, and he has longer fingers… plus his arms seem rather slender. That’s all I really know.


“Bring me the heads of my people.”
u ok jiggywiggy
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